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Without Time or Social Status

Sometimes, just celebrating nudity and beauty is enough. Other times, artists choose to push the limits of taboo, imagination, and expression. The nude female form has been admired through art throughout the history of a multitude of human cultures. Whether revered as a symbol of fertility or aesthetic perfection, countless artists have endeavored to capture the divinity of the female form.

The nude figure is without rank, social caste, or economic class. Save for hair styles, the unclad form gives away little as to what time period she belongs. We may be able to deduce the era in which a photograph was created from the photographic technique and the choice of feminine ideal. But it should be the artist’s goal to transcend these tell-tale signs. Technique can be obscured to where digital images resemble oil paintings, pastel, mixed media, or, better yet, remain ambiguous as to what media was used.