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Review of “Lights, Camera… Nude!” by Jack Gilbert

This is a re-posting of a glowing review of Lights, Camera… Nude! written by editor Jack Gilbert. I can only hope that you enjoy the book to the same degree that he did.

Nicholas has hit another home run here. Much like in his previous book, True Confessions of Nude Photography, he presents what might be seen as a difficult subject and shows how simply things can be. The subject matter of this new book is lighting techniques for shooting nudes. He goes over general concepts at first, but then dives into explaining what the various lighting devices are and even provides what different lighting kits and equipment configurations can do for you. Studio and location settings are explained in a very-easy-to-understand manner. It’s refreshing in that Nicholas does not try to overwhelm the reader with too much information or impress them with his wealth of knowledge and experience. He just lays it out simply and concisely.

All but the most advanced professionals will benefit from reading this book, and the best part is that it won’t take that long before you’re lighting your models like a true professional.