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Preface: True Confessions of Nude Photography

aj_ss1_7731_columnSince the first edition of True Confessions of Nude Photography, I have been humbled by the number of photographers, from novice to accomplished, who have turned to me for help while embarking on their journey into the world of figure photography. This third edition offers many improvements over its predecessors with updated images and a reorganization. Plenty of information has been updated to reflect my techniques, which have been enhanced over time. Many words have been added to remain current and some have been removed to improve clarity. The reference sections and the bonus materials have also been enhanced over previous editions. Although electronic versions are available, I am surprised and pleased that many people continue to seek out physical copies of the book. That is why I am pleased to offer this new edition on upgraded paper stock and with improved printing quality.

The above is an excerpt from the book, True Confessions of Nude Photography.
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