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The author is a classically trained artist with over 15 years of experience photographing nude models. He has compiled his techniques into a set of books. You can read various articles posted on this site and the books are linked down below.

Lines in Composition

linesConverging lines can be a powerful type of visual pathway. Multiple lines can all point towards your subject, or radiate out from it if you start tracing them in the other direction. Converging lines, such as lines of perspective, make for powerful compositions. Linear perspective involves both line and depth. Converging lines, such as in architecture, show linear perspective. This kind of perspective also exists in exterior formations, such as roads and buildings. Perspective is very powerful in developing the illusion of space.

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Achieve Sharp Images

hs6_001258-cropFigure photos can present a challenge to getting crisp shots. The model moves, the pose is fleeting, and you may frequently change camera position. All these factors can lead to motion blur. The first ingredient to sharp photos is to have plenty of light. This could mean shooting with daylight or powerful studio strobes. A large quantity of light allows you to use a smaller aperture, yielding a sharper result from your lens. In daylight, more illumination translates into faster shutter speeds for stopping motion.

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Build Your First Nude Portfolio

hs6_001513-crop-700You need sample shots in order to book nude models. Building credibility is an essential step to recruiting models, and nothing builds credibility better than an astounding portfolio. So how do you get your first nudes? This may seem like a catch-22, but you can get there. You may have to add progressively unclothed shots to your portfolio until you have a portfolio of nudes.

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Adjust contrast of RAW images in Photoshop

If you shoot in RAW format, you have some options to control contrast in Camera RAW Import in Photoshop (You can also
use Lightroom, GIMP, or other tools). The sliders in the import interface allow you to control the entire image. The other option you have is the Adjustment Brush built into Camera Raw, which allows you to control contrast by painting specific areas darker or lighter. Adobe Lightroom provides similar tools.

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History of Nude Photography

The female body is a marvel of natural beauty and has inspired artists for thousands of years prior to the invention of photography. Although nudity has been both in and out of vogue in various periods and cultures, it has persevered as a subject for various artistic undertakings. The earliest nude photos were, predictably, produced not long after the refinement of photographic technique with nude daguerreotypes becoming prominent in the 1800s.

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