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Nude Model Booking Etiquette

Here are a few tips I have on nude model booking etiquette that I’ve compiled. They apply pretty equally well to models and photographers. There are tons more, but this is what comes to mind right now.

  1. Treat others as you’d want to be treated
  2. Be upfront about your expectations
  3. Be realistic about your expectations — don’t think you’re going to get everything you want out of every shoot
  4. Don’t apply for a job if you don’t meet the published qualifications
  5. Don’t take any flack; if someone is a jerk, politely retreat.
  6. If you have to cancel, call ASAP and be honest.
  7. Show up on time.
  8. Don’t get upset if things aren’t going well. Either take it in stride or end the shoot if you can’t talk it out.