New for 2017

True Confessions of Nude Photography, 3rd Ed.

A major revision, updated technique, images, and clarifications. Reorganized, and revised to reflect how I now produce my photography.

Figure Lighting: A Visual Guide to Illuminating the Female Body

Updated, refined and revised. Lots of new images showing behind-the-scenes and alternate angles. Plenty of expanded text. A detailed guide, dedicated to lighting the unclothed body.  From indoor to outdoor, studio to location, you’ll learn what can be achieved and how to make it work for you.

Model Connections

Clear and effective techniques to approach and recruit models. Avoid common pitfalls and misconceptions. A major update of my recruiting book, with a new title and cover. Most of the interpersonal aspects are the same, however I have refined my methods. Communications have changed in the last few years and the revised edition reflects current means. (Previously titled “Up to my Eyeballs…”)

Exquisite Curves

Updates to my techniques, changes in software and other technologies. New images and added clarification.

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