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Getting Started in Nude Photography

mw1_3102Nude photography is a celebration of beauty and spirit. Some novices approach it as full-length portrait photography, minus the clothes. However, this is shortsighted. Recognize that nude photography is a discipline in and of itself, and you will be two steps ahead of most beginners. The lighting and posing concepts for nude photography are different from those used for portraiture and fashion. I am not going to tell you to forget everything you know about other types of photography because that knowledge will be beneficial. There are similarities between genres, but the real strength lies in knowing the differences. My suggestion is that you neither forget nor rely entirely upon your general photographic experience. Instead, remain open to learning new things.

When you are getting started, trial and error will be your best friend. Shoot as often as you can, and let your mistakes be stepping stones to greater knowledge. If the process of learning the technical aspects of photography intimidates you, take heart—almost anyone can learn to operate photographic equipment and learn lighting with a few pointers and a lot of practice. Reaching the next level is easier than you think.

In my early years as a photographer, I worked the way many of my readers do—I used my home as a workspace, and worked a day job to pay my bills. I learned that I did not need to have a studio or an established business to build a reputation as a figure photographer and have models who would be eager to pose for me.

The above is an excerpt from the book, True Confessions of Nude Photography.