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Build a Professional Relationship with Models

The Model/Photographer relationship is key.

Many photographers fail to book a model because they try to book too soon in the process. Stay aware of the prospective model’s emotional response to the conversation. Don’t just listen to what she is saying; pay attention to how she is saying it. Never try booking a shoot when a prospect is expressing a negative emotion. You need to first address the apprehension. You may even need to delay the booking proposal (I’ll check in with you in a couple of days to see if our schedules line up.)

Focus on the relationship, not just booking a shoot.

When you are ready to book a shoot, and all seems to be going well, assume that it is. This is called taking an assumptive approach. To proceed with the assumptive approach, ask questions that assume she will answer positively – “How is next Saturday for you?” or, “Do you know what outfit you’ll bring to start the shoot?”

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Learn how to recruit nude models

Learn how to recruit nude models

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