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10 Tips to Avoid No-Show Nude Models

If you shoot models, you hate no-shows. Nude photography is no exception. Here are a few tips to help avoid wasting a bunch of time setting up for a model that flakes. Just one yellow flag doesn’t mean you shouldn’t book a model, but as you start to notice warning signs you’ll be able to get that “no-show” feeling before you actually commit to the shoot.
  1. Look for models who have been shooting regularly and recently. You should see recent photos, from various shoots, over the last six months.
  2. If the model hasn’t already done the kind of shots you’re planning to do, she may back out.
  3. Get a phone number; confirm via phone 48 hours in advance – if you get no call back 24 hours before the shoot, don’t bother setting up.
  4. If you’re booking really far in advance, make sure to touch base about a week or ten days before the shoot; people do forget things.
  5. Avoid booking for times that are already hectic: holidays, finals week, when models may have other things planned or when things may unexpectedly come up.
  6. Be wary of models who ask about money and nothing else; they may be booking several gigs and showing up to only the highest bidder.
  7. Pay market rates. If the model finds out you’re giving her a raw deal, she may back out.
  8. Try to size up how “together” your model is before booking the shoot. For example, if she plans to drive all night and sleep in her car to be ready for the shoot – you might expect a no-show.
  9. Make sure the models see your work, and know how it will be used before booking the shoot. Having a killer portfolio doesn’t hurt either.
  10. Be picky in selecting your models; choose them don’t let them choose you.

Be patient, sometimes legitimate problems come up; car troubles, love life, family, work, weather, health, monthly cycles, breakouts, etc. Even following these, you’re going to occasionally be frustrated by no-show models.